If you want to own a unique motorcycle, custom airbrushed according to your personal wishes, MaxArt studio is the best place to get it. Our imagination has no limits.

Airbrushed parts of Harley Davidson Night Rod
Airbrush technique in general
Airbrush, a small pen-like tool uses an air compressor for spraying the paint on different kinds of surfaces for many artistic and hobby purposes. This site is about automotive use of the airbrush technique. Airbrush has been used to paint on cars, motorcycles and helmets since the 1950’s, but its popularity rises thanks to shows such as American Choppers and Rides.

Artist with the bike that he likes the most - The Crow

Artist with the bike that he likes the most – The Crow

MaxArt custom painting
MaxArt custom painting studio is situated in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. We have started our work in Europe in 1989, and throughout all those years we became well known among European motorcyclists and motorcycle clubs. Our contended clients can confirm the superb quality of our work.

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